Support for All Moms: Breast- & Bottle-Feeding

FIBArk was this last weekend.  Our small little town becomes a destination for singletons and families from all over the state, country, and world. There's water competitions, free music, and lots of kiddos at the park, riding the festival rides, or bouncing in the bounce castle. But where to nurse your baby? There are park benches. There is ample space on the ground. But sometimes breastfeeding mommas feel like nursing and sitting with a group of mommas to help them feel safe.

Megan and I sponsored a "Nurse-In" to help bring mommas together and to help them feel safe.  My FB post reminded women that, here at The Local Latch, we welcome all women and encourage them to bring their breastfeeding and bottle-feeding littles. And while we always make this statement, this day it caught the attention of a few bottle-feeding mommas who were happy to be included in my statement.

So let me say this again: The Local Latch always welcomes breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mommas and their littles. We welcome them at group, we welcome them at nurse-ins, we welcome them at their homes, we welcome them in the community.

The name "The Local Latch" was meant to be a play on words to represent the latch of baby, but also to represent the latching on and connecting of mom and baby, moms to moms, and moms to support.  Megan and I are always looking for ways to connect our local moms for positive maternal support.

Mommas:  you are supported. 
We are here for you. 
Our job is to help you and treat you in the way that you want to be treated. 
Let us support each other.

Picture from: The Global Sisterhood

Remember: all mommas are welcome at group - even pregnant moms and grandmothers!  All mommas can call our hotline. And ALL mommas can have their feeding questions answered through a private consult. Without judgement. With full support.

--Ann Croghan, PT, DPT, CLC


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